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0 Herbs for Healing: Session 2

  • by Fern Towers
  • 17-04-2023
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Bore da all,

Thanks so much to all of those who came to the first session - it was lovely to meet you all and get re-acquainted with the apothecary!

Our next session will be on Tuesday 25th April, this time between 10am - 2pm, and we will have a guest teacher for this session, herbalist Clare Lewis:

Clare will guide us through what is growing in the apothecary and chat about the medicinal benefits, how to prepare remedies, and when to gather of some of the plants.
We will focus on nettle leaf, gathering some for tea and doing a deep tasting of the tea using organoleptic principles, discussing what we experienced. 
We will talk about the constituents of nettles , how it is used, and which parts we use for different conditions. We will gather some more nettle and make a herbal vinegar for people to take home, discussing the advantages of using vinegar.

We will then continue with our spring tidy up of the apothecary, weeding out the grass and other less desirable weeds!

If you would like to come, please could you bring a clean jam jar to take your vinegar home in, and drop us a quick message to let us know if you're coming to help with our planning. Email, or pop a message on the WhatsApp group (if you would like to be added to the WhatsApp group, please email me your number and I will add you).

Refreshments, tools and the gazebo shelter will be provided, but as always, please dress for the unpredictable weather!

We hope to see you there!